I'm Lam Pham.

Software Engineer, Web Developer, JavaScript Lover & Blogger @completejavascript


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A little bit about me.

Hi, My name is Lam Pham from Vietnam. I am a Software Engineer with a focus on C/C++. Beside, I am really passionate about JavaScript and Web Development. I got a bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Ha Noi Uninversity of Science and Technology (2011 - 2016). And 2016 - present, I work for Samsung Vietnam Mobile R&D Center (SVMC) as a C/C++ Software Engineer.

As you can see, this website is my personal portfolio webpage, which I created while learning Web Development from freeCodeCamp in my spare time. And from now on, I am going to share my latest work consistently. Each project consists of its link for preview on Github and how-to, which I explain how I created it. In fact, before digging deeper into freeCodeCamp or Web Development, I self-learned JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3, Bootstrap & jQuery, AngularJS and NodeJS & ExpressJS... So, below are some informations about my skills that I self-evaluate honestly:

C/C++ 90
Algorithm 90
JavaScript 85
Java & Android 85
HTML5 & CSS3 80
Git & GitHub 80
ReactJS 80
Gatsby 78
AngularJS 75
NodeJS & ExpressJS 70
jQuery 85
Mocha & Chai 65
MongoDB & Mongoose 70

Besides, I love coding and blogging. I try to code everyday and write blogs to share my experiences to people. Here are my blogs (in Vietnamese): Complete JavaScript · Algorithm · Personal Blog.

I enjoy instrument musical. In my free time, I usually play Ukulele. And, I like Street Workout. I am training it four times a week to get fit and healthy. Thanks for visiting my website!



If you would like to get in touch with me, please visit my social networks or send me a message. Thanks a lot!